“How to screencast” post on Freelance Advisor

I’ve just started a three part guest post series on Freelance Advisor, the first entry is “Communicating more effectively with screencasts“.

The goal of the first post is to show freelancers how they could use screencasts to improve their business, in particular:

  • Avoid meetings by sharing progress reports with screencasts
  • Communicating more effectively with clients and vice versa (let the client show you what’s on their mind!)
  • How to make your first screencast

The next two posts will look at demonstrating your skill and building a following using screencasts, distribution and licensing and finally looking at ways of making money from screencasts.

The second post is on “Rise above the noise: Gaining attention with screencasts” – I look at ways that a freelancer can use screencasts to demonstrate how much they know about their topic to raise themselves above their peers.

Finally I talk about “Making money with screencasting” – there are several ways to monetise your knowledge through screencasts. They range from selling your knowledge through another site over to building your own knowledge-based site, there are some simple techniques you can use to get started now.

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