“The Screencasting Hanbook” is now Open Sourced

This is a quick post (see the longer post on my personal blog: Open Sourcing “The Screencasting Handbook”).

I have just open sourced this eBook as a free book (it has been commercial for 3 years) as some of the content (mainly relating to software packages) is looking a little old now. The techniques and processes still look very sensible.

The new license is noted on the homepage along with the download link. Please note the requirement for attribution back to this site and to me if you use or discuss the book.

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» Oleg said: { Jun 17, 2013 - 07:06:54 }

How to download this book? (“The Screencasting Handbook”)
The links are sending me back and force.

Scroll down the homepage to “Get you copy (now open sourced)” for the download link.

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