Selling ProCasts (my professional screencasting company)

Some of you know that I built my professional screencasting company ProCasts during 2009 into the UK’s largest screencasting agency. I’ve decided to move away from professional screencasting (don’t worry – I’m still working on this Handbook!) and so the business of ProCasts is up for sale.

If you’re building your own professional screencasting brand then consider the following:

  • ProCasts generates leads for screencasting work every month
  • ProCasts has great organic traffic (not paid for via adverts!) from Google for key search terms like ‘custom screencast’ in both the UK and the USA
  • ProCasts has a strong reputation for high-quality screencasting that delivers the right message (and this provides for a nice margin!)

If you’re curious then visit the auction at Full details of traffic, keywords, income (with bank statements) and potential leads are provided. The listing will end in a week so there’s time to send me private questions (through flippa please) if you’d like to discuss the business.

This is exactly the right kind of opportunity for anyone who wants to build their business in both the UK and the USA (and Western Europe in general), this is especially relevant if you don’t yet have a strong reputation and you’d like to buy your way quickly up the ladder (rather than putting in a year or more of hard graft to build the same sort of reputation!).

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