The Screencasting Handbook Release 9 now available

The 9th release of The Screencasting Handbook is now out, this release is probably the last before the First Edition is released around the end of the month.

The current price is $36USD, the price will rise to $39USD in a couple of weeks when the final release comes out. Buy your copy now if you want to save a few dollars – you’ll get the First Edition by email in just a couple of weeks. These are the updates since the release a few weeks back:

  • “How screencasting works” gives a light overview of the technology behind screencasting
  • “Microphone technique” provides solutions to common problems with mic technique including how to deal with background noise, plosives, sibilants, lip smack and breathes
  • “Editing Software” is complete, it includes notes for guidance on all the major editing packages

The Handbook has a new graphical skin and at the request of a couple of users I’ve started to add footnotes that show URLs – this helps if you’re using an eBook reader.

If you want to see how well others think of the Handbook take a look at the supportive reviews by Paul Pival and Paul McGovern.

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