The Screencasting Handbook by Ian Ozsvald will teach you to become a better screencaster:

  • Does it take you too long to plan, record and produce a screencast?
  • Are you struggling with Camtasia Studio, Jing, Captivate and ScreenFlow?
  • Not sure you’re using the best tools?
  • Want to edit your Jing and ScreenToaster recordings?
  • Could you be producing tutorial videos faster?
  • Need better audio and narration?
  • Want more control?

Ian has been producing screencasts for over 4 years and now I am writing The Screencasting Handbook. I’ve been through the trials of choosing (and discarding!) software and microphones, processes and techniques – for you I am boiling down my expertise into an easy to read handbook that will quickly help you improve your screencast and screencam skills.

The handbook covers tools like Camtasia Studio, Jing, Adobe Captivate, BBFlashBack, HyperCam, CamStudio, ScreenFlow, RecordMyDesktop and Adobe Premiere for Windows, Mac and Linux environments. It also recommends hardware and microphones to fit your needs.

Sample Chapters

You can download a pdf which contains the title page and chapter outlines here.

This book grows and improves every month

Books (especially printed ones) tend to be static…but that’s crazy, a subject like screencasting is constantly evolving. Right now we have Camtasia Studio 6 on Windows and Camtasia Studio for the Mac has just been released, ScreenFlow will be updated in response and we know of new Windows tools that are in the pipe-line from competitors.

I am writing this Handbook so it keeps evolving so you are always on top of the latest information. I’m releasing this book a chapter at a time so you can benefit from the new information (and give me feedback!) immediately, rather than waiting months for a new release.

This means that early versions of the book will only have a few chapters (though we’ll fix that soon enough). This also means that you have a great opportunity to get involved, share your knowledge (you’ll get credit) and direct how I write the book.

Get Questions Answered in the Screencasting Discussion

You are bound to have some questions that are more easily answered by talking to other screencasters. The Handbook’s Google Group is there to discuss screencasting.

Take a look at the Group to see what’s being discussed, you’ll get instructions for how to join after you’ve confirmed your membership to the notifications list down below.

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