7,500 words written for The Screencasting Handbook

Over the last few days I pushed the book up from 3,000 words to 7,500.  You can get an idea of what’s on offer by checking the outline pdf, it contains the first two chapters.  We’ve just been discussing a few points of the latest version in the Google Group.

My goal is to start selling the book in the next few weeks, right now I need to write the ‘Creating your first screencast in the next 30 minutes with Jing’ chapter and then I’m good to go.

The expected price of the finished handbook will be $39USD (approximately £25GBP) but the finished version is a way away, I’ve written about 10% of the book so far.  I plan to put the initial version out with a discount (probably 30%) and to reduce the discount as new material is written (so you’re better off buying it sooner than later!).  All purchasers get all the updates and the final edition free of charge, of course.

To be told when the book is ready for the discounted purchase (it’ll be in a few weeks) go and join the mailing list right now, it is at the base of The Screencasting Handbook‘s homepage.

If you have any questions, join the Google Group and ask away!

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