Almost ready for the first proper release!

Having written 10,500 words and recorded one 6 minute screencast for new screencasters, I’m getting close to releasing the first ‘real draft’ of the book.  Here’s an expanded Handbook Outline (15 pages) that shows you the first couple of chapters and the full chapter list as of today.

Whilst much of the book is yet to be written you can see everything that I intend to cover.

There is lots of useful conversation in the Google Group, we’re up to 65 members now and the topics covered include:

  • Workflow – how to record academic screencasts with the minimum of fuss
  • Constructive critiques of a few screencasts
  • The new Podcasting Unleashed book by a fellow Brightonian (great for microphone technique)
  • Before and After reducing audio noise
  • Whether we should or shouldn’t use background music in tutorial screencasts

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