First Edition of The Screencasting Handbook published!

I’m very pleased to announce that the First Edition of The Screencasting Handbook was released this weekend, it covers everything that a new screencaster needs and it’ll teach an intermediate a few things too. This release is priced at a discounted $36 until May 15th when it returns to the regular $39 price, buy your copy now.

As a novice screencaster, I found every section of The Screencasting Handbook enlightening. Particularly helpful is Ian Ozsvald’s coverage of microphone selection for improving audio recording quality. In my case, simply moving from an analog to digital input dramatically improved audio quality and reduced post-editing time to nearly nothing. I recommend The Screencasting Handbook to anyone wishing to learn about this technology or wishing to improve their screencasting skills. I believe every novice and most experts will find something beneficial in The Screencasting Handbook that will easily cover the cost of the book. – Darryl Pendergrass

The Screencasting Handbook is aimed at educators, support staff and business owners who want to learn how to improve their screencasting ability. The Handbook will teach you to:

  • Understand the needs of your viewer
  • Plan the screencast that will teach and convince them
  • Efficiently plan, record and produce your screencast
  • Host your screencast and distribute it to the right people

The Google Group has over 128 screencasters, you can ask any questions there and I’ll take feedback to put towards future editions of the Handbook.

Having written the Handbook what I could really do with now is some help from you spreading the word to the right people – if you can send a Tweet or make a blog post then I’d be eternally grateful!

If you’re not sure whether you should buy your copy yet then drop to the bottom of the homepage – you’ll find a mailing list that you can join. You’ll receive a few tips and a reminder every time the Handbook is updated (there won’t be many emails, it is low volume).

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