First Handbook screencast – “Making a screencast in the next 30 minutes” using Jing

The first screencast tutorial is on-line, it shows you how to make your first screencast, using the free Jing, in the next 30 minutes.  This screencast is a part of Chapter 4 in The Screencasting Handbook.  Since Chapter 4 is now complete I’ll be releasing a new copy of the book to my mailing list members soon (if you’re not on the list, sign up!).

In this screencast tutorial I’ll show you:

  • How to start recording with Jing on Windows (it works the same on Mac)
  • How to upload your recording
  • How to get a reminder of the shortcut URL that it magically gives you after the upload is complete
  • The Handbook’s Google Group where you are encouraged to share your screencasts so we can help you improve

This screencast is being released with a Creative Commons By Attribution license so feel free to embed it and share it with those who will find it useful (though the Handbook itself will be commercial).  To be in line for the release of the Handbook you just have to sign-up to the mailing list (it is very low volume and you’ll get a discount on the early releases of the book by joining).

This screencast is being discussed in the Google Group and Andy White has created his first Jing on using Audacity to clean-up narration.

In the course of the screencast you’ll see me recording a demo of, you can watch this demo via at full resolution (you’ll need a large screen) or below where I’ve hacked the embed-html provided by so it fits in the blog:

Thanks for the link Betsy!

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