Announcing The Screencasting Handbook

This site will become the home to a new eBook focused on the needs of screencasters who want to create screencasts more efficiently.

My name is Ian Ozsvald, I’ve been creating screencasts for over 4 years.  Along the way I’ve co-founded the successful screencast-tutorial site and professional screencasting company ProCasts.

Many members at ShowMeDo have asked for tips and techniques to improve their screencasting ability.  Clients inside ProCasts have also asked for help in improving their technique, particularly because they want to make better screencasts more quickly, with more confidence.  To start to share our knowledge we wrote a 9-part screencasting tutorial, now we’re writing the book on the subject.

I will be the primary author of The Screencasting Handbook with help from other experienced screencasters.  The book will include short guides (a bit like flow-charts) to get you started quickly and longer in-depth sections that give you lots of detail and background.  Critiques of existing screencasts, links to interviews, an overview of tools and software will naturally be included.

For an idea of the sort of screencasts we make, see my tutorial screencasts at ShowMeDo and this example of one of our ProCasts:

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