New Handbook ready – read on for December’s updates

I’ve just released the next update to The Screencasting Handbook – with this update the book has doubled in size to 77 pages.  The current version is Revision 6, you can see the full table of contents on the homepage.

The important additions are:

  • New “Making a screencast in 1-2 days” chapter, it is 30 pages long and contains a lot of my hard-learned experience from the last 5 years
  • Addition of 3 sets of checklists for each of the 3 “Making a screencast in …” chapters, these will ensure that you never miss an important step before you invest time making your screencast
  • Addition of 2 new examples in the “What’s the value of screencasting?” chapter

File export settings to follow and then more tutorial screencasts

In the first week of January I’ll release another update that covers file export formats and discusses how to export crisp screencasts in the right format with a small file size.

After the January update I’ll begin work on a new set of screencasts that show you how to use Camtasia (Win), Camtasia (Mac), ScreenFlow (Mac) and RecordMyDesktop (Linux) to record and edit your first full screencast.

Buying your copy

I’m releasing an update every month, the intention is to finish the Handbook early in 2010.  The current price is $27, this is almost a 1/3 discount from the price of $39 that will be in place when the book is finished.  Visit the homepage and join the mailing list to get a purchase link to buy your copy now.

Why must you join the mailing list?

I’m very aware that people normally buy books that are finished and this Handbook is a constant work in progress.  I want purchasers to be on the mailing list (you can of course get off of it at any time!) so they get my update emails and they know that I’m releasing improvements every month.

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