New Podcasting Unleashed eBook by Andy White

Andy White, my accountability buddy, is writing his own eBook on podcasting.  Podcasting Unleashed s being developed in the same way that I’m developing The Screencasting Handbook.  It is at an early stage, like me he’s just recently started selling copies (you have to be on the email list to get the link).

The homepage has an embedded preview of the book, the available chapters give you a bit of background on how microphones work and the software you’ll need to create podcasts.

There will be some nice overlap for screencasters – Andy will be discussing things like:

  • Script preparation
  • Using a microphone
  • Audio editing
  • Podcast distribution
  • Publicity

I’ll cover most of these to some degree in the Handbook here but I suspect that Andy will treat these topics with more depth (since they’re absolutely essential to high-quality podcast production).  Andy also has different experience to me so he’ll cover the topics in a different way.

If you’re at all interested in improving your audio quality then I do suggest you join the updates mailing list on the Podcasting Unleashed homepage.  You’ll also get an invite to his Google Group where you can discuss audio issues with other podcasters.

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