Portable (no-install, no-Internet) Screencasting on Windows

Recently I was asked if it is possible to screencast when you can’t install a screencasting tool and when you don’t have Internet access.  You know what?  You can!

If you use the free CamStudio on Windows then you can get the Portable CamStudio download – you just pop it onto a USB stick and ‘it just works’.

Dai, a long-term ShowMeDo author, created a screencast that teaches you how to set everything up:

“In this video we show you how to setup CamStudio, Dm2, VirtualDub and Audacity to work off a pen drive so that you have a portable setup to create your screencasts.”

If you search for ‘camtasia portable’ you get lots of links for a similar solution for TechSmith’s main screencast tool.  I’m not sure on the legality of these downloads but if you have your own license, I guess you could replicate the process and take CamTasia Studio on the move with you.  You’d probably want to speak to TechSmith just to confirm the license situation first though.

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