The Screencasting Handbook Review

I’m very excited to have my first proper review for The Screencasting Handbook, Paul McGovern is a new reader and he’s given the book a thorough bit of coverage:

“…up until now there really hasn’t been a standard point of reference for those interesed in the concept or who wish to learn more.  The Screencasting Handbook then is just such a guide, a comprehensive introduction to the world of screencasting…”

The book is currently at release 6 (release 7 is under way as I type), Paul notes this and is supportive:

Even in it’s incomplete form The Screencasting Handbook makes for very informative and engaging reading for those interested in screencast production. The book caters for novices and experts alike and even those who consider themselves well exposed to the concept should find something of interest here.

If you’re ready to get your heavily discounted copy of the Handbook, buy it here.  If you’d like to be kept informed, visit the homepage and join the mailing list – it is a low-volume list where I send you updates telling you about the new topics that are covered (and warning you of upcoming price rises as the book becomes more complete).

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