“The Ultimate Screencasting Guide” Handbook Review

Paul McGovern has written a wonderful review for the Handbook entitled “The Ultimate Screencasting Guide“. Paul is a Lecturer who has a lot of experience with screencasting, he’s written a very thorough review:

“The Screencasting Handbook weighs in at just under 130 pages and takes those completely new to screencasting as well as those that have some knowledge of the area through the processes and concepts involved in professional screencast production. The book deals primarily with techniques and approaches so users of no one application will feel isolated or left out. That said there are specific sections that relate content back to some of the leading screencasting applications Telestream’s ScreenFlow 2 & Camtasia Studio.”

“Throughout the book is clear, concise and very well presented, Diagrams are used to good effect and instruction is clear at all times. Even those with an already good working knowledge of the process will pick up new tricks and tips worthy of the price of investment”

The Screencasting Handbook is still priced at $36 (until this weekend), you can buy your copy here.

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