Two more reviews for The Screencasting Handbook

I’ve received two more reviews for the Handbook, first Stéphane Wattier penned Un guide pour vos tutoriels vidéo (English translation). Here’s a section from the Google-translated English version:

“In French, we can find comparative screencasting tools, tutorials devoted to a particular tool (see for example my current folder on screencasting) or this file explaining how to make a good video tutorial. But nothing comparable to The Screencasting Handbook, the most comprehensive guide to my knowledge”

Gabriel Hasbun-Comandari, a long time member of the Google Group (and strong member of ShowMeDo) was kind enough to pen a long Review of “The Screencasting Handbook” by Ian Ozsvald he concludes:

“As biased as this review may seem (after all, I am listed in the acknowledgements section), this is probably the best book there is about screencasting”

Thanks to both Stéphane and Gabriel for penning the reviews!

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